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My Journey to art started in 1994 when a roommate, a talented ship-right, suggested I purchase a sailboat. At the time I was working as an over educated ocean lifeguard  with a budget that only allowed for a small, old boat  ( Coronado 25' ) in need of serious work.  The boat became my home for the next five years and the education I had been seeking. Post boat life I began remodeling old houses  and started building furniture and art . In 2005 I began  to work with copper. Three years  later I settled on a technique I still use. A friend, in 2010, coerced me into bringing some of my copper work by an art gallery. They sold quickly and my art career launched.

I produce my copper panels by "power drawing" with various metal and wood tools as well as  hand shaping. The color is patina  or a burnt finish with copper that has been sanded bare.  The copper is  clear coated front and back for long term color stability. The copper is wrapped on quality plywood.  Each piece is finished with a custom frame/ sub frame from locally sourced wood. 

Scott Kuszik              
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